Sami Turberville, Artist and Owner

Artful of Love is an art studio, located in Slippery Rock, PA, where art nurtures the naturally creative talents of school-aged children and adults alike. We encourage kids (and adults) to grow with art!

Drawing, painting, or sculpting, no matter the medium, visual arts and using one's hands teach children how to focus, which in turn, improves their thinking abilities. Learning in a fun and creative studio, like Artful of Love, teaches valuable lessons like planning, persistence, and vision by helping your child learn, perform better in school, and have fun all at the same time. Getting messy and learning how mistakes can turn into masterpieces is both rewarding and therapeutic.

For adults, art is a form of therapy.  It calms the mind and relieves stress.  Take a little bit of time each month and let your inner artist come out and play.

My name is Sami Turberville, and I have been a print and digital graphic designer since 2000. Staring all day at computers and other forms of technology tends to become monotonous. Using the mouse and keyboard was jut not cutting it for me anymore. In 2017, I decided that I needed to get back to working with my hands and enjoying the creative process again, just like when I was kid. When I say 'kid', I even mean up to the age of 19 - while I was still in college doing fun, creative and hands-on projects! The urge to get messy with paint and charcoal all over my hands (even my face!) was becoming imperative. To take mistakes and turn them into an asset, because it's so easy to just press command Z to undo your mistakes on a computer. To become a perfectionist. Art is different, it's more resilient and it's challenging to move a mistake into a purposeful piece, while also being meditative and therapeutic.

My son, nephew and nieces love making art projects and we do them often. While guiding them through an art project one day I realized how accomplished and fulfilled I felt.

So that got me thinking...

I had to change my purpose in life - from computers to hands-on art therapy! I reintroduced myself to drawing, painting, and doodling and found my focus and passion reignited. That's when Artful of Love was born - bringing together my love for art and what it represents along with my love in working with others - their wonder and happiness is just so infectious.

Currently we offer classes during holiday break, open art classes, kinder art, toddler art and art start classes. Kids from ages 2-12. Workshops and camps will be popping up here and there so be sure to visit us often or better yet follow us on Facebook and be on the look out for calendar events and details on classes. Adult play craft and paint classes, birthday art parties, and fundraisers are also available. 

We look forward to helping you and/or your child grow with art and receive a solid creative foundation for their future. 

Art is a form of therapy. It calms the mind and relieves stress.
— unknown